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wikileaks: hit and run

This has been an intense day – & it’s amazing how central of a role Twitter now plays in these disputes/debates Well, well, well. According to boingboing’s article published last night: Wired.com: Lamo/Manning Wikileaks chat logs contain no unpublished references … Continue reading

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wikileaks: tightening the noose

@rafeco The two classic blunders: never get involved in a land war in Asia and never get in an argument with Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald does respond to Evans and Poulson’s double article of yesterday in Response to Wired’s accusations. To … Continue reading

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wikileaks: wired contradictions

Wired finally responded late this afternoon: Putting the Record Straight on the Lamo-Manning Chat Logs. I’ll note that the comments to this two parter are pretty scathing. Haven’t yet heard back from Greenwald, although since they claim factual errors on … Continue reading

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wikileaks: the tides of information

In my last post, I discussed the hacker narrative, which is fundamentally based around some external antagonist — whether government or corporate — that the hacker struggles against. With that in mind, consider this article: Banks and WikiLeaks. The whistle-blowing … Continue reading

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