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the mote in the rightwingnut’s eye…

There’s a lot of handwringing in right (and some left, for that matter) wing circles in the U.S. that Egypt will wind up some kind of Islamic state due to the Muslim Brotherhood — despite the fact that they are … Continue reading

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wikileaks, the internet, egypt: at the edges and intersections

I first want to touch on the importance of communication. Believe me, as a deaf person I am acutely aware of the central place communication has in all of humanity. We are driven to communicate, we must communicate, and we … Continue reading

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for a bit of perspective

I keep looking at the pictures of Tahrir Square, and as someone completely unfamiliar with the streets of Cairo, kept seeing circles in the way people and posters are aligned. So, I dug around a bit and found this: and … Continue reading

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