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i’m sexy and i know it…

[Audio: music] Lyrics. (Is the band’s name really LMFAO??) From the upload notes: “Documentation: This video was made by “Six Star Productions” for the upcoming Army game. Well done gentlemen Deemed by wing staff as “too inappropriate to play for … Continue reading

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this n that

I keep trying to warp my mind around it, and I keep failing. I know it’s because they are hate based if not actually designated as hate groups, but how on earth anyone or any organization calling itself “Christian” can … Continue reading

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exclusions of minorities

Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues: Nothing Short of a Sexual Revolution Frankly, nothing short of a worldwide sexual revolution will stop the spread of AIDS. We need to dissemble the shame, reclaim pleasure, celebrate desire, human connection, skin and … Continue reading

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