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this n that

Look. Legally THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF BLACKMAIL AND EXTORTION. Why isn’t Breitbart being arrested and prosecuted FOR BLACKMAIL?? (Breitbart won’t release X-rated photo of Weiner, via Dan Savage) Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger who first reported on the lewd … Continue reading

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morning exercises

photo by jamesjustin@flickr Traditional morning exercises in Japan. Apparently it’s kind of dying out — most of the younger Japanese do not do this. Like 0

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messages from the past

Scattered along the Japanese coastline, hundreds of markers similar to these warn future generations against building below the spot they mark: “Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis. Do not build any homes below this point.” Others warn: “Look for … Continue reading

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japan earthquake info for the deaf

[Audio:?; Subtitles: Japanese, English; Languages: ASL, JSL] I’m not sure if there’s any spoken audio (and if there is, what language(s)), but this is a pretty cool example of a dual signed-language video. The woman is signing in Japanese Sign … Continue reading

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I am Maru

[Audio:? ; Subtitles: English, Japanese] I love this cat! Apparently he and his owner are safe and sound after the recent earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant/volcano disasters in the country. Like 0

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all about the disasters

Everyone’s following the events in Japan, I believe, not too much need for me to go into detail as the news is quite rapid and updating quickly. Some good live update sites can be found at: Al Jazeera: Japan’s nuclear … Continue reading

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