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between an #NDAA and a #SOPA

What a depressing day on the Net. Following the #SOPA discussion on twitter just makes me want to scream. Listening to a bunch of technically illiterate people debate on the merits of the bill is beyond frustrating. If SOPA passes, … Continue reading

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why do I use facebook when it is evil?

Facebook is notoriously insecure. It has flipflopped — more often then McCain — on privacy settings, policies. It keeps rolling out “new” features that undermine old settings. And given the business facebook is in, it WILL be using and harvesting … Continue reading

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media monopolies gone mad — mad like a fox

[Audio: English: Captions: English] A quick note on YouTube captionings: Captions are wrapping differently, suddenly! I hope it’s resolved quickly because the new wrapping looks like utter hell. Nothing I can do about it (except complain at that page and … Continue reading

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this n that

Not that I think there’s anyone on my regular reading list who hasn’t long since signed this petition, but just in case, and pass it around again, wouldja? I Stand With Planned Parenthood I would laugh, if I weren’t fucking … Continue reading

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wikileaks, the internet, egypt: at the edges and intersections

I first want to touch on the importance of communication. Believe me, as a deaf person I am acutely aware of the central place communication has in all of humanity. We are driven to communicate, we must communicate, and we … Continue reading

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egypt rerouting

I interrupt my own article with something that occurred to me while writing: Here’s the big question I have. If Egypt’s Internet network was taken down with a series of phone calls, then who made those calls? If it was … Continue reading

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an internet watershed

I’m quite serious. I’m not sure the ramifications are fully understood at this point, but I think the series of events within the Edwards campaign in hiring two left wing bloggers, the right wing’s attempts to scuttle them, and the … Continue reading

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