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if you don’t have freedom of information, it’s not a democracy

Extraordinarily interesting reading: Information Without Borders? The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI), founded last year in tandem with a proposition to drastically overhaul the country’s freedom of information laws, is responding to the new info-climate by proposing a legislative framework … Continue reading

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this n that

Much as I absolutely despite Rand Paul, for most of what he’d like to get done, I have to give him props on opposing the extension of the Patriot Act: Rand Paul vs. the PATRIOT Act. WT *fucking* F is … Continue reading

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egypt rerouting

I interrupt my own article with something that occurred to me while writing: Here’s the big question I have. If Egypt’s Internet network was taken down with a series of phone calls, then who made those calls? If it was … Continue reading

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you censor me, i’ll censor someone else…

I am astonished by this one: “Banned for Life”: The Story of the National Portrait Gallery’s iPad Activist. So, we all know that the Smithsonian put on a “controversial” exhibit last month, Hide/Seek and then caved in to conservative pressure … Continue reading

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