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slavery? hyperbole? not really…

One thing that I’ve been adamant about is that any form of coercion on women’s reproduction means that we are, in effect, slaves. Coercion around reproduction means that we do not have control of our own bodies — the essential … Continue reading

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PSA: actual facts about abortion

Excellent video clip. [Audio: English; Subtitles: 90%; Captions: Auto-decent w/subtitles] Not that it will convince the haters. But there’s good info that I think even pro-choice people aren’t aware of (for example the low rate among teenagers — so often … Continue reading

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this n that

*facepalm* Just… *facepalm* PhoboQuotable – Andrew Breitbart. As Dan Savage put it, just how many freaking planes have the “gay activist left” hijacked? Or people have they beheaded? I mean, really. “I am not endorsing gay marriage, I’m not endorsing … Continue reading

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