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does my dog know I’m deaf?

A friend of mine tweeted about this article, which got me to thinking, for obvious reasons: “Professor, Does My Dog Know I’m Blind?”. By way of background, I’ve trained a lot of dogs. I don’t so much at present, but … Continue reading

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path not taken

On a whim I googled up my first girlfriend. We lived our lives in eerie parallel with one important difference: I came out and she never did. We both had our first sexual experiences with men when we were in … Continue reading

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underwater adventures

So yesterday I went SCUBA diving for the first time. A friend of mine was a diving instructor and keeps looking around for a buddy she could go diving with these days. Apparently I fit the bill for her latest … Continue reading

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on stories, rituals, and creating meaning

You know, I am an atheist. Perhaps more properly an agnostic, but I think it’s pretty certain if there IS anything out there, none of the current world’s religions have gotten any of the details right. And frankly, life is … Continue reading

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how cool is this???

So a week or two ago I signed up with which is a free service that intercepts your voice mails, transcribes them, and emails them to you. You can still retrieve them from your voicemail as usual, but you … Continue reading

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tangential thoughts on colonization, sign language, and oral methods

There’s a fair furor at present over DBC, the details of which I hardly need to recount. But I came across this, and it has got me thinking: The deep division between the subgroups reflects the contrasting core values of … Continue reading

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I had my hair cut today. A fairly pedestrian activity, I suppose: washing the hair, snipping and clipping it, applying ridiculous amounts of mousse and blow drying the final product. I do all this in silence, of course, since once … Continue reading

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over the years

Here’s a meme floating around that I spotted: 20 Years Ago, I… Started graduate school. (Oi!) Had my first serious relationship (really, just bounced around more informally as an undergrad — was more interested in school). Also became completely financially … Continue reading

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…she’s alive….!

Hello, hello! Seems I took something of a summer vacation! I’ve had that happen from time to time on my blogs. I think I sort of step back and recharge my batteries. I’ve been busy of course, what with work … Continue reading

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thoughts on “is oralism child abuse?”

I found this question very interesting. Now, I am what would be considered an “oral success.” However, like John, I am very careful, and actually have been for years: even not being aware of deaf culture, etc, I knew my … Continue reading

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silent weekend

So this last weekend I went to a Silent Weekend activity up in the local mountains. Not sure how high up it was, maybe 6,000 feet? Just above the treeline and up a rather convoluted mountain road. I hadn’t been … Continue reading

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The author of the Alone in the Mainstream book was on, talking about finally realizing others like her out there…very cool! The music stuff’s on now, and I had to laugh when the guy was talking about how they make … Continue reading

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beyond pissed

So, I’m trying to watch Through Deaf Eyes…and it appears that my cable provider IS NOT TRANSMITTING ANY CAPTIONS FOR **ANY** OF THE CHANNELS IT IS BROADCASTING. Oh, boy, are they going to get an EARFUL from me first thing … Continue reading

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meet and greet

I went to a local meet & greet for deaf folks last Friday. Most of the people seemed to be hearing (interpreters in progress I suppose), but there was one guy there who was a real story teller (told a … Continue reading

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blogger personality

Snurfed from 8th Nerve: Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful You’ve got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog. Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights. A total perfectionist, … Continue reading

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