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how oralism limited my world

I should note, I am writing these sorts of articles hopefully for the benefit of parents of deaf children trying to decide what’s best for their children, by describing my experiences and thoughts. This isn’t a paean to self-pity; rather … Continue reading

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why do the terms “oralist,” “oral success,” and “oral failure” make me so angry?

Over the last couple of months I have found myself objecting to the term “oralist,” at least as applied to myself. In addition, the more I contemplate the terms “oral failure” and “oral success,” the angrier I get. Why? Let’s … Continue reading

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Alone in the Mainstream redux

Came across this post and this one. How so very true. I was in gymnastics in high school. I loved it, was pretty good at it, but the way I dealt with bus rides? I was the champion french-braider, and … Continue reading

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book review: Alone in the Mainstream

I finished reading this book a few days ago and I would highly recommend it to: people who were themselves the only deaf person in their school (for any length of time); hearing people (epecially the ones who Just Insist … Continue reading

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more thoughts on deaf education

This is a subject I’ll doubtless return to again. I’ve commented here about mainstreaming deaf students, Moi had very good observations why it’s vital to have ASL-speaking teachers (and students) and not just interpreters floating about to “give access.” Both … Continue reading

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