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four seconds of silence

Why have I been following the Williams shooting case in Seattle? Dashboard Video Taken From Williams Shooting Released Tomorrow [12/17] The dashboard footage doesn’t show the shooting itself—both men move in and out of the frame moments before shots are … Continue reading

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coffee date pitfalls

(h/t Fuck Yeah Deafies) Like 0

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captions and subtitles

As a deaf person, I’m naturally very interested in accessibility on the Internet. Ironically, one of the things I loved best about it, in the late 80’s when I first encountered the ‘nets and online culture, was how fully and … Continue reading

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deaf and queer

Stumbled across a bit of a treasure trove. These were done about four years ago, some of them. About half are ASL (no captions), and half in written form. As they say, remember that English is a second language for … Continue reading

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does my dog know I’m deaf?

A friend of mine tweeted about this article, which got me to thinking, for obvious reasons: “Professor, Does My Dog Know I’m Blind?”. By way of background, I’ve trained a lot of dogs. I don’t so much at present, but … Continue reading

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tangential thoughts on colonization, sign language, and oral methods

There’s a fair furor at present over DBC, the details of which I hardly need to recount. But I came across this, and it has got me thinking: The deep division between the subgroups reflects the contrasting core values of … Continue reading

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I had my hair cut today. A fairly pedestrian activity, I suppose: washing the hair, snipping and clipping it, applying ridiculous amounts of mousse and blow drying the final product. I do all this in silence, of course, since once … Continue reading

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Through Deaf Eyes: review

Well I finally got to see Through Deaf Eyes this morning (actually half last night and half this morning; it’s been a busy few days). I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. I should note that my perspective on this is as … Continue reading

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some thoughts on “hearing loss”

I’m seeing various comments around the ‘net indicating that for some, “hearing loss” is a reasonably acceptable umbrella term for all deafies, at least as used by hearies. I’m not that convinced, and I’d like to explain why… One thing … Continue reading

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a question about introductions

One thing I’m noticing, when I go out to deaf gatherings, when I’m asked where I went to school, is that I’m having trouble conveying that I went to a plain school, no deaf or oral program at all. How … Continue reading

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deaf of hearing

I’m still thinking about whether I want to run with an acronym like DOH 😉 I’m afraid I’m a product of my times since I keep seeing that as “D’oh” a la Homer Simpson. But – Deaf of Hearing — … Continue reading

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hey you guys, we’re not lab rats…

This entry is sparked in part by seeing people, even well intentioned ones, ask the most inane and intrusive questions about the nature of deafness of deaf people or a group of deaf people. It’s certainly not limited to deafness; … Continue reading

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reactions to People’s Sign Language

This has been an interesting dialogue. Although I’ve already weighed in with a couple comments over at Toby’s blog where he posted about it here and here, I found that I wanted to examine this in more detail so rather … Continue reading

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I have a few thoughts knocking around in my head, so bear with me as I attempt to sort through this. I’ve been mulling over Der Sankt’s Treasure posts here and here. And then coincidentally I’ve been reading Forbidden Signs … Continue reading

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Nicaraguan Sign Language

Just stumbled, courtesy of and , across the Nicaraguan Sign Language issue. It sounds absolutely fascinating: Here is an article from NY Times (“A Linguistic Big Bang“), plus some further discussion by ozarke on her journal. There’s any number of … Continue reading

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