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google plus has suspended my account

Without even telling me, actually. I noticed that the submit button wasn’t working, and switched around browsers, thinking it might be some kind of overloaded javascript bug. But once I looked at my profile, it said that I was suspended. … Continue reading

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maintenance of a blog

We’ve had various discussions here on DeafRead about the issues raised by anonymous comments, especially those that that do not contribute to the discussion but are disruptive, harrassing, and antagonistic. This is an issue of concern at large, as can … Continue reading

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new digs

Hey, y’all! I decided to move my deaf related posts on LiveJournal to deafread’s WP-MU blog, for a variety of reasons. First, I do know WP very well and like using it, second while LJ suits my purposes for a … Continue reading

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national blog posting month

In conjunction with the National November Writing Month, there’s also a national blog posting month in which participants write in their blogs at least once a day for the month. (I refuse to officially participate in it, as I find … Continue reading

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