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A predatory attitude has come to rule us, an exploitative and abusive way of life that’s normalized, celebrated, and pursued, thanks to the ascendance of neoliberalism and capitalism, in which as long as I profit, everything else can go, quite literally, to hell. Perhaps even by you and I — we are only human, after all. Yet if we understand all that, then the solution — such as there is — also becomes a little clearer.

Our challenge now, in this new century, is this. Nourishing, replenishing, nurturing, renewing, endowing. What? Everything that we can. Everything from basic incomes to to trees to insects to glaciers to hospitals to schools to retirement to mountains and forests. Do you see how the theme of nourishment and replenishment is what flows through all our challenges, like a great laughing river, renewing a parched, weeping ocean?

To do that, we will have to create whole new systems of thought — reinvent stale, dead, foolish disciplines like economics, slightly less dead ones, like psychology. We will have to reimagine the kind of organizations that we make — will “corporations” and “banks” as we know them be capable of replenishing and nourishing a depleted, ravaged world — or do we have to reinvent those, first? We will have to alter the nature of “work” — so far, it basically means “how good you are at exploiting something or someone” — but it must come to mean “how good you are at nourishing and renewing something or someone.” And then we will have to change our social norms and values — and the attitudes they reflect — so that we prize and celebrate and reward the act of nourishment, not just more ruthless, violent predation.

The Age of Collapse

and what to do about it

by umair haque

Why Everything’s Collapsing, and What to Do About It

Source: eand.co/the-age-of-collapse-e606bfc1b46d

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