The Amazing Power of Cooperation in the Workforce…

We desperately need to rework how we set up our businesses. In particular we need to move away from the shareholder is the lord god almighty of a business. It’s killing us, to be blunt. Companies need to consider much more than short term bottom line profits if we are to ALL prosper and not just a smidgen of the top one percent.

By prioritizing worker autonomy, co-ops provide more sustainable long-term employment, but not only because worker-owners seek to protect their own livelihoods. If a company runs into economic distress, Perotin says, co-ops are generally more adept at preserving jobs while planning longer-term adjustments to the firm’s operations, such as slowing down expansion to maintain current assets—whereas traditional corporations may pay less attention to strategic planning and simply shed jobs to tighten budgets.

While co-ops vary in form, the underlying philosophy, particularly in Europe, is the co-op as both democratic enterprise and public trust. Often worker-owned firms are mandated—either by law or corporate bylaws—to reserve a portion of assets for longer-term preservation of the integrity of the co-op model.


Worker Cooperatives Are More Productive Than Normal Companies

Worker Cooperatives Are More Productive Than Normal Companies

When maximizing profits isn’t the only goal, companies can actually work better.



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