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I find that I don’t really need captions to follow this, tho I’m sure I’m missing out on some funny stuff. But this is visually entertaining on its own merits…

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  1. I love her stuff. I wish it were captioned so you could hear the funny stuff but more for the educational stuff. She’s amazing!

  2. Laura says:

    I love love love this. And I wish I could write a transcript of her speech but omg she speaks sooooooo fast, it would take me forever. (How about writing her? I’m pretty sure she has this written out and then reads it. There must be a script somewheres.)

  3. BEG says:

    0:00 so say there are three standing issuing exit exit onto your friend took him in a
    0:03 new party bond is migrating in has three sides are in jail again going to a pink
    0:07 but now you’re not excuse either by his mind i think that is even my company
    0:10 site below and the blue saying come from are you having trouble finding all six
    0:14 like you know there’s a green side somewhere in here but where is it strike
    0:17 ok temperament i think i found the green side is right in here
    0:22 and he would have been immediately decides he needs to discover the fastest
    0:25 way to get all the colors which he calls the tucker ming traverse
    0:29 so you and have him in are working on that note exif accident over the lunch
    0:32 table and another student is curious about what you’re doing wants to join
    0:35 your committee
    0:35 his name is richard fineman
    0:37 so stopping our face down and start being brian popcorn and so you’re
    0:41 talking to men you teach fine and had any pics nix lexicon by first folding a
    0:44 stupid eighteen tangles with the nineteen th for going u_n_ stone had
    0:48 just figured out a number two faces before you call them by accepting at
    0:51 perfect specimen you number them one two three one two three one two three one
    0:54 two three one two three one two three glue
    0:56 on one side look at
    0:57 and glue with our fantastic six four four five and six six four four five a
    1:00 six six on the other you claret around so that you get lands into use in trees
    1:04 on the outside like twenty two three three one one two three three three and
    1:07 then pull that i ran into hexagon to that allah cues are on the front and
    1:11 then flipping through the conclude parts together so that all freezer on the back
    1:15 finally have some trouble faxing it but you show them how to pasty triangles
    1:18 together and then push in the opposite side
    1:20 he somehow still does it wrong and ends up doing it backwards flexing in rivers
    1:24 now he’s all intrigue rather flexing possibility in your like let me show you
    1:27 the temperament reversed
    1:29 but by men being fineman is like we must create an diagram
    1:33 and peppermint latent really it’s not that hard
    1:36 no
    1:37 diagram
    1:38 so yes i am i thank you very soon you can cycle from one to two two three one
    1:42 two three so you write that down with iris and stuff
    1:44 or you can go backwards
    1:45 but from one two and three you can also fax the other way in which case when
    1:49 goes to six thirty two five four three to four and if he did one two six one
    1:53 six six e twenty five twenty because the other doesn’t work you have to get a
    1:56 three-year backwards back to one budding out is that if you go to three you can
    2:00 only fax one way and the others are never never bull but before when you’re
    2:04 on three to go i did a one r four bad night only got a one
    2:07 and you can go backwards to six but not backwards to to which means that this
    2:11 three isn’t the same three as the first three
    2:14 somehow it’s the same color
    2:15 but in a different state
    2:17 he show this year friendly john tiki and he’s like al yet it makes sense and he
    2:21 does a star in the middle of your story and sits back is it that explained
    2:24 everything
    2:25 feel like whatever and for the background to get to the other thing and
    2:27 check it the star turns into our not
    2:30 star
    2:31 and from this alternate three there is this one six three loop that connects to
    2:35 the main at that one which is the same one as one has always been uh… there’s
    2:38 a different one off in the mean to you in the two five one loop and of course
    2:41 everything looks different if you flip it over and these stories are also
    2:44 different because they have different numbers on the other side and you
    2:46 complete a diagram of possibilities which allows you to find the optimal
    2:50 peppermint rivers
    2:51 you also diagrammed the original taxes accident which is pretty simple
    2:54 the flexing on committee approves your diagrams and decides to call them
    2:58 fineman diagrams
    2:59 everything is going great until nineteen forty one because i believe is important
    3:02 more stuff to do in fact cigars are largely forgotten
    3:05 okay now fast forward fifteen years and demartini partner
    3:09 here in amateur magician and you’re hanging out of your friends place
    3:12 talking about magician stuff anyway offenses e something you’ve never seen
    3:15 before bigflix it down he’s made out of cloth
    3:18 and you’re thinking hey this is also maybe other people would like to know
    3:21 this lexicon thing
    3:22 so you read an article for scientific american ensign you’ve landed yourself a
    3:25 gig writing a regular column about recreational mathematics called
    3:28 mathematical games and it’s a huge success and gets hundreds of comments i
    3:32 mean letters and there’s nothing else like a common all the call people are
    3:35 inspired by you and your pretty much of the reason why people know about things
    3:38 like ten grams and connally’s game of life and the work of mc escher and other
    3:42 things like that
    3:44 nowhere fast forward fifty years and steer me in the generation of people
    3:47 inspired by martin gardner and other people inspiring yields and he’s in math
    3:50 inspiration grandfather
    3:52 and now you yourself in the business of mathematically inspiring people and you
    3:55 want them to be aware of them at inspiration heritage okhane essay uric
    3:59 you if you think the facts about a cold as his column number one and i am i
    4:03 either join in with the hundreds of people who celebrate rendered his
    4:06 birthday every october twenty first this year they only accept like saddam
    4:09 praising homes and schools all over the world and if you wanna tender host one
    4:12 check the description celebrating by making these videos and also i dislike
    4:17 the image of lexicon everywhere flirting and lunch tables filling out of your
    4:21 pockets last new technicians i’d like to keep some ready to play out of my life
    4:24 back to me olympics in case of the facts of an emergency
    4:28 and then there’s my recent innovations in taxes on technology and all the
    4:31 police to cali them and other stuff but that’ll have to wait until next time