out of context

Transcript: Note, jaunty music throughout to underscore. h/t E.L. Weems for the transcript!

This was not just one line taken out of context.

[text: definition of context, with old fashioned typewriter sound effects]

The american dream is not owning your own home.
Too many shops, too many jobs, too many people putting money in the bank.
My personal experience in the private sector took me one to be the head of a consulting firm that got in trouble.
America’s role as leader of the world is a thing of the past.
Why, Why don’t you like Obamacare? What is it that’s wrong with it?
The government should guide our health care insurance, tell us what kind of health care we should have, tell us what kind of treatments we can have.
Say “no” to fracking and “no” to drilling off-shore and “no” to Alaska.
You need to have some taxes to spread the wealth around.
For the student who worked hard to get on the honor roll, that’s not really them, that’s their teacher that did that and the government that paid for it.
Obamacare is constitutional.
This President has done an extraordinary thing. He’s your guy. If you’re looking for more freedom, more opportunity, good jobs, rising incomes, a bright future for your kids…
they better vote for the other guy.

I’m not used to seeing sarcasm in political ads. This was fun!

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