shit men say to men who say shit to women

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Transcript: below]

The transcript is approximate, as many of these phrases are repeated. In some case a sentence is said with a different man saying each word. This is one video in which closed captioning — to preserve the tempo — is much better than a transcript… Thanks to Woozle for the words!

I don’t care how she’s dressed, it’s not okay.
I don’t care how she’s walking, it’s not okay.
Are you serious?
Come that’s embarassing, man. I can’t take you anywhere.
It’s street harassment.
It’s called street harassment, and you could get in trouble for that.
It’s NOT a compliment.
Sweetheart, please stop perpetuating the patriarchal dividend. It’s SO over.
C’mon, you can’t be calling stuff out in the street like that!
Really, man??

Really original. You never heard of eHarmony?
Misogyny — super sexy.
Has that ever really worked for you?
Don’t do that in front of me. Don’t do it at all!
I don’t care if you think she’s hot; it’s not ok.
Bro, you’re giving Dominican men a bad name.
You’re giving the Bronx a bad name.
C’mon, son, you’re giving Queens a bad name.
You’re really giving white guys a bad name.
You’re also giving black guys a bad name.
You’re giving us all a pretty bad name. Word.
Do you have any idea how many women and girls are harassed every day? It’s not funny.
I don’t care if everyone does it; it’s not okay.
It’s disrespectful.
It’s not all right.
It’s not okay.
It’s not acceptable.
Knock it off.
It’s called street harassment, and it’s not acceptable.

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