the dark side of the moon landing

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Transcript: below]

I can’t really make out what he’s saying — pretty much sounds like he’s relaying to ground control, or those in the moon capsule exactly what he’s trying to do to get back up, along with a few chuckles at his predicament. But wow, consider the logistics of getting up if you fall down on the moon and have to move all that mass around (even if it only weighs 1/6 what it would on Earth…)

From the upload notes:

Charlie drives the penetrometer into the soil and, leaning down on it as it descends, he falls forward to the ground. It takes three attempts for him to get back up by doing press-ups to a kneeling position before standing. In the middle of his second press-up, he supports his whole body on his hands, completely off the ground for two seconds. The strip of white soil in the background is the South Ray Crater ejecta blanket.

At any rate, this is a slightly different view of how the moon landing is usually portrayed!


Guy on radio: Hey, John. While you’re sampling there, you might look around and see if you see any of that vesicular basalt.
John Young: That’s what I’m a looking for.
Radio: Good show. I told them you were.

[Charlie leans on the penetrometer to drive it into the ground, but then loses his balance and falls]
Charlie Duke: Oops! [Catches himself] Okay.

Radio: We see that one went all the way in.

[Charlie starts trying to get back up]

Duke: Not quite.

[Spends a good few seconds trying to get back on his feet]

Duke: But there it is, all but about 5 inches.
Radio: Okay.
Duke: That one was smooth.
Radio: Okay and John, stand by for a feedwater tone.
Young: Just got it!

Radio: How’s that?

Props to Anthony Kelly (you’ll have to scroll down the comments; G+ as of this writing does not provide links to individual comments [boo, hiss])

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