Anonymous Operation Paparazzi #oppaparazzi

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Now, in a few states it is specifically illegal to videotape police officers, such as in Illinois. I believe there are court cases in the process of challenging those, but just keep that in mind.

Hello Citizens of the World. We are Anonymous.

Many of you already know about the violence that police act out on the people of the world. What many of you do not know is that much of the time the officers involved are not punished for their actions.

Things like this can be prevented just by knowing what you can do about it. It is a little known fact that while in public places, you are legally allowed to have audio or video recording equipment running at any time.

Take for example the case of Brett Darrow of St. Louis Missouri. He mounted a video camera to the seat of his car. A few minutes after he pulled into a commuter parking lot, Officer Kuehnlein pulled behind him with his lights on. The officer tells Brett that he was speeding but as we can see in the video, Brett never went higher than what was posted.

When Brett refuses to exit the vehicle for fear of violence, the officer begins to threaten the addition of added charges admitting they would be false. His reason for them, “Who would believe a kid over a cop?”

When the officer noticed the camera, his attitude completely changed. The officer has since been terminated of employment due to the incident.

We encourage you to purchase a video camera and keep it with you at all times. If approached by an officer, be sure that the camera is in full view and state that you are recording video and audio. By announcing your activities, you cannot be charged with wiretapping.

The Federal Courts have ruled that the actions are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Also, by going outside, there is no implied privacy for the public, so they cannot charge you with invasion of privacy. Just be sure to not purposefully film the inside of someone’s home.

If all of you know what you are legally allowed to do, and you know where the line of legality is, you can make a difference. You can bring about a change.

A change in government.

A change in police violence.

A change where the people will truly have the voice that our founding fathers gave us. They did not leave the persecution of England just to have us persecute ourselves.

Stand up for what you know is right. Fight the injustices. Fight the powers that be. Take back your Constitution. Take back your freedom.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forget.
We do not Forgive.
Expect Us.

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