shit hearing people say

[Audio: English; Subtitles: English; Languages: ASL, English]

Oh my, yes.

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2 Responses to shit hearing people say

  1. keth says:

    that is one angry lady…. and I can’t agree with all of what she says, primarily because a lot of hearing people don’t have experiences of deaf people so ask questions such as “does it hurt” in all innocence. far better, I think, to educate than to get angry, so that the next deaf person they meet benefits from the meeting with me. that’s how I see it. but some? “are your hearing aids on?” I even had that off my mother who reached out to actually touch my ear to check they were in and on – and who got promptly glared at. she really should know better. Still, interesting. thanks for posting.

    • BEG says:

      There is an internet meme going around right now, which is basically “Shit XXX People Say,” ranging from Shit New Yorkers Say and so on, and it is in that same vein, I think.

      I also see it as a way to get it off your chest — I also see her as speaking to other deaf people, actually (the side benefit is that hearing people get to see it, too). I’ve seen a lot of that myself, and I can pass most of the time /facepalm/. So, yeah.