overturn citizens united!

This video has been making the rounds. Laura kindly provided a transcript (below video) for this! Thanks, Laura!

[Audio: English; Captions: None; Transcript: below]

Katrina vanden Huevel: “Recently the Supreme Court Citizens United decision gave corporations the power to spend unlimited amounts of money, influencing our elections. Corporate money is going to drown the voices of ordinary Americans. You getting the baby in the shot?”

(off camera): “yeah. The baby looks good. It looks like it…hates Citizens United.” [BEEP}

Laura Flanders: “I don’t think it’s coincidental that Occupy Wall St. broke out as the country was about to be buried in yet another insane election season. [BEEP] Unnamed man: “We just have to strap the meat to your head and…”
Laura Flanders: “What?!”
Man: “…we can let you keep talking.”
LF: “The meat?! What does the meat to my head got to do with Citizens United?”
Man: “If we don’t put the meat in there, the lizard won’t know what do do.”
LF: “A lizard!!”
Man: “Yeah. If we don’t make it look like a Japanese game show, people won’t watch this, all right?”
LF: “I think people are getting it without lizards!”
Man: “It’s troublesome enough you’re not Asian.” [BEEP]

Jim Hightower: “We need a grassroots eruption to overthrow Citizens United, an eruption so powerful that they can’t even put a corporate cap on it. Uh…what am I supposed to do with these…uh, Mentoes?”
(off camera): “We need you to make a geyser, Jim. Because people click on geysers, they don’t click on Jim.”
JH: “Goggles?!”

[Next scene] Man on left to Ben and Jerry: “Tell us where you stand on this whole Citizens United thing.”
Brother on left: “well, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people.” 2nd brother: “it’s crazy!”
Server (at right): “Here you go!”
Man on left: “Boom! Goes the dynamite! It’s called coning! It’s the new planking! It’s viral!” [BEEP]

Cenk Uygur: “If we work together we can take corporate money out of our democracy. Are we getting the cat in the shot?”
(off camera): ” Yeah.”
CU: “Ok. Now come on. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You playing!” [Cat runs off]

[BEEP]:”Try that.”
[BEEP] (Cat howls angrily.)
[BEEP]: “Coning is as absurd as corporate personhood.”
[BEEP]: “Is the baby eating the sign? I’m not sure about this baby. Do you think it’s cute enough?”
[BEEP]: Cenk Uygur: “we’ve got to stop the corporate takeover of our democracy.
[BEEP] Laura Flanders: “Join with other grassroots Americans to get secret corporate money out of our democracy.”
[BEEP] Jim Hightower: There are actions taking place all across the country. Get involved. Go online.

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