Zoe d’Hauthuille Interview After Her Assault by SFPD 1 Dec 2011

[Audio: English; Transcript: below]

Transcript kindly provided by Peter Menchini with help from Ramsez Stamper… thanks guys!!

Me: what happened tonight?

Zoe: um, (laughs) I… oh, so tonight the cops came, and barricaded the whole park, or the whole plaza, and I went around one of the sides that was barricaded, and I was pushing a bunch of the barricades to make it so that people could walk on the inside.

Me: uhuh

Zoe: and I pushed, I think I, one, two times, maybe three times, like while I was walking and then I felt behind me two hands push with all their force. It was a cop that had pushed me, cuz he was not happy with what i was doing. And he pushed me and i flew forward, and landed, i guess landed, on um, one of the cement steps and it hurt pretty bad. But i got up and i just like started yelling at him, and i was like “dude what the fuck” blah blah blah blah blah. And then he turns on his camera, and he starts, he turns on the little camera that he has on his vest and i kept talking to him and i was “yea, you wanna turn on your camera?” and then i like checked myself and i looked at my knee, (laughs) and i realized there was a huge gash in my knee where i could pretty much see my bone and then i kind of started freaking out and i sat down. Phillip came cuz he saw what had happened, and other people came, and the guy kind of backed away and stood in the street maybe like ten feet away from us. I couldn’t get up at that point, it was bleeding so bad I was also in shock, I was like half crying/half laughing going “what the fuck is going on?” Then I think one of us, one of our people and one of the other cops came by and called the ambulance. They took me to St. Francis [Hospital]. I got a bunch of stitches — inside stitches and outside stitches I’ve never had stitches before

Me: I saw the picture on Facebook. There’s a picture of your leg on Facebook.

Zoe: Already, whoa!

Me: Oh, this is hours ago. Are you crazy? This is not recent. So your leg is really famous.

Zoe: Cool! Awesome.

Me: You have the most famous leg at occupy san francisco

Zoe: maybe it will inspire some girls to stop shaving their legs

Me: can you show your leg now?

Zoe: It’s just got a band-aid on it. You won’t see anything.

Me: there ya go. so it was a pretty deep gauge from what…

Zoe: yea yea, absolutely. I was telling the guy in the ambulance, actually. He was like, “yea, i’m totally with you guys. I wish i had the balls to be down there, but i can’t.” I was like, “Yeah, it’s really hard cuz the city and the cops and everybody — DPW’s [Department of Public Works] getting on us because according to them we’re having health issues, safety issues. And it’s hard to address these concerns within our camp because we have so much stress coming down from the city and they’re constantly threatening to destroy us. So, it’s impossible to fix what’s going on within us, but at the same time, when stuff like this happens everybody reunites and remembers why they’re here and feels, I don’t know, the love that’s running through each of us again. We remember and I feel like we’re all a lot more connected than we were just a few hours ago.

Me: Good.

Zoe: So, come down! Come down and hang out and Occupy.

Me: Great. And, tell us your name

Zoe: Zoe d’Hauthuille

Me: OK. thank you very much. have a good night. heal quickly.

Zoe: Thank you.

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