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2019: MTVU was acquired by CheddarU last year. I don’t know if this is still available to be seen anywhere but I did find this review of it:

mtvU’s “Quiet Campus” : Only 4:37 minutes long…

mtvU’s “Quiet Campus” : Only 4:37 minutes long…


In past week, we get plenty of press notification about MTV’s reality show on Gallaudet University. I was intrigued.

This morning, I found out this show is aired only among the college campuses. Not available to the public. I cannot DVR/record it.

Came home recently, and visited the mtvU’s website

Source: www.deafeyeseeit.com/2011/10/24/mtvus-quiet-campus-only-437-minutes-long/

[Audio: English; Captions: English; Languages: ASL, English]

Of course, deaf people really aren’t quiet! We can be very noisy!! 🙂

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