modern day heroes: Captain Ray Lewis (ret.) of Philadelphia

Where to even start? Well first of all, Captain Lewis travels out to NYC to protest along with OWS:

[Audio: English; Transcript: below]

h/t Laura for the Transcript!

Interviewer: So I’m here with Raymond Lewis

RL: Yes.

I: and you’re…

RL: former Philadelphia police captain. I retired in 2004, I’ve been retired for 8 years.

I: Awesome. Thank you so much for being here. Can you tell us what happened, with your arrest and the action?

RL: Yeah. The reason I came down here to begin with was viewing this from my nice, comfortable house in the country. I saw all of you, sleepin’ out here, and had no bathroom facilities, and tents made out of tarps, and night after night after night, you kept it up and the CAUSE. You were for justice. It’s not like you guys were camping out at night so you could get jobs on Wall St. You were doing this for justice. All over the world, in fact. And that inspired me.

That inspired me. I had to come down and join you. So when I came down and joined you, through the inspiration of you guys, I joined the protest of Wall Street. And that day, I had no intention of being arrested, none whatsoever. But when I aw a lot of you sit down, and being drug off, I”m saying: they’re losing their freedom for justice, for other people. And that inspired me again, to be arrested.

So I said, hey, I’m going to be arrested. I’m going to tell you a very important thing here. I’ve had a lot of proud moments in my life, a lot of proud moments in my career. But when I had those handcuffs on and was being marched over there with the other protesters in solidarity, that was the proudest moment of my life. All right guys. (Whistle and quiet cheers).

I: Thank you so much, thank you so much. So that was retired Philadelphia captain Raymond Lewis, you heard the story from him. Really inspirational. Thank you everyone watching, we’re going to have this highlight up.

Not too surprisingly, Captain Lewis was arrested later on. From the New York Observer:

See also — this is emblematic of everything that’s wrong with this country — this:

Fortunately the Observer reported on 11/18 that he was released — and he’s back at the park, planning to stay in NYC through this week! Thanksgiving with the other Occupiers planned.

More stuff:
Ret. police captain: To be arrested in solidarity ‘was the proudest moment of my life’. Includes two uncaptioned videos (bad autotranscript only).

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