la puerta del sol

[Audio: Spanish]

Este era el aspecto que presentaba la Puerta del Sol de Madrid a las 20.30 de la tarde de este 15 de octubre. Miles de indignados accedían a la emblemática plaza desde la calle Alcalá y otras calles aledañas, cantando cánticos como “lo llaman democracia y no lo es” o “que no, que no, que no nos representan”. (Miguel Ángel Medina)

This was the view at La Puerta Del Sol of Madrid at 8:30 in the evening of October 15th. Thousands of angry people filled the historic plaza from Alcala and other side streets chanting slogans such as “They call it Democracy but it isn’t” or “That doesn’t, that doesn’t, that doesn’t represent us.”

La Puerta del Sol translates as Gate of the Sun — I’ve always thought it was a gorgeous name for the plaza (which is huge).

Part of the global mass protests of October 15, along the same lines as Occupy Wall Street. These are interesting times…

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