our morals are

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Transcript: below]

Firstly, I must indicate how frustrated I am with MoveOn.org’s constant refusal/neglect to put up any sort of captions or transcripts for the video material they post, including the ones they put together themselves! I have repeatedly asked them to do so — and would encourage any/all of you guys to do so as well. This time, a commentator was kind enough to post a transcript, which I have reproduced here. Thanks, Scott Nicolson!

This is new for me
I am used to having a real mike
And then being attacked by Fox

They say our message
Is not clear
We tell them
Our morals are

These banksters
Look down on us
They say that we
Should be rich like them
But everyone
Would be broke and homeless
If we had not
Bailed them out

So now we’re here
To bail ourselves out
To bail out the teachers
To bail out the children
To bail out the farmers
To bail out the incarcerated
To bail out the nuress
To bail out the librarians
To bail out the veterans
To bail out all the people
That the politicians have sold out

People are asking
What we’re here to get
They don’t understand
We’re not here to get anything
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
For the people from whom you stole everything

Thank you very much

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3 Responses to our morals are

  1. Laura says:

    Great post. And, you’re right. From now on, I will leave a comment about captions whenever MoveOn posts a vid on fb. If enough of us……

  2. Candy says:

    What gives? When one have tried to get organizations to provide captions or transcripts and they don’t do it, it says a lot. Why bother? Perhaps that org is self serving? These kind of things affect my decisions on whether or not I will support these efforts.

  3. PopeMistress says:

    Howdy from Amareeka (with my sloppy speech!)!

    Wonder if you are aware of the latest news? http://handeyes.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/boot-up-for-the-media-hype-b-s/#comment-4559

    Oh well I guess that is really big mess since our US gov’t had been blinded from giving the federal grants out to many wrong persons who tried to destroy + abused deaf education from our federal tax! Oh well! See ya later- I gotta go work today!