so tell me, why does anthony bologna still have a job?

Given the number of unemployed looking for a job, there have to be reams of better qualified candidates for his job!

Last week, The Guardian reported that Anthony Bologna, the senior police officer who was videotaped using pepper spray on the eyes of protesters, was previously named in a lawsuit alleging police brutality at the 2004 protests of the Republican national convention. The Local has now acquired court documents, some of which are posted below, that show it is just one of nine lawsuits in which the officer is named, all of them alleging the violation of demonstrators’ constitutional rights. (source: DocuDrama: Pepper-Spray Officer Involved in Nine Lawsuits, Including $30,000 Settlement)

Yeah, I can’t imagine how the department wouldn’t improve its workforce by hiring almost anyone else in his place. They’d save some money, too – isn’t that another continual refrain?

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