National Guard in New Jersey: 0, Hurricane Irene: 1

[Audio: English; Captions: None (not needed)]

Apparently there’s a sarcastic commentary by the person who took the footage. But you can appreciate this clip on its own. I am trying to figure out what these guys thought they were doing — even if the trucks didn’t fill up right away with water, there was no way the drivers could have seen where they were going. I know if I’d been one of those soldiers, I would have been hollering for a boat.

The comments section on the YouTube post is also interesting. There’s a certain group of people will will admit to the military doing NO WRONG WHATSOEVER by the simple and only fact that they are sacrificing all in the military. It’s a very romantic view, I suppose, but I know too many people in the military — many of them in for the same purely pragmatic reasons almost anyone with a job has. I have no problem believing they can do stupid shit, and saying that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what they can represent or have done for this country. (OTOH, I don’t at all appreciate the wars of the last decade, and people don’t understand that either because THAT’S THE SACRED MILITARY).

Sigh. But yeah, pretty damn funny 🙂 Maybe the NG should send some of their people to the Navy, SEAL, etc. for a few more classes?

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