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Well, I have added a new google plus feed on the sidebar to the right (near the bottom).

As you may or may not know, I am extremely ambivalent about Google Plus, due to it’s so-called “Real (or Wallet) Name” policy — a policy that is ostensibly in force to promote civilty in G+ space. As any long time net denizen should know, this is utterly absurd. Civil spaces come about when well managed. Given proper moderation tools for one’s own stream and comments and appropriate filters in viewing others’ content, then one can easily achieve such a space. Requiring “real names”? People post the same hateful crap under their own names as well.

But Google appears determined to head down this path, and given various other things, especially with the recent activity in tying together various Google Services into one’s Google Profile (which is now required to be public, contain a “real name”, and not have an obvious pseudonym for risk of suspension — which affects access to all services being tied into it), I am withdrawing from much of my google usage. Yes, including email. Think about it for a second. Do I want to risk losing all my email should Google suddenly decide that “Browneyedgirl65” is unsuitable? Or if they trace back to my actual gmail account (not under BEG, but under my own name) and either kill that account, or forward my actual name through all the BEG stuff?


So, backing things up, pulling out of Google services, especially the tracking stuff. You will notice I have a DuckDuckGo search bar here now — a non-tracking search engine that I’ve switched to. I’ve been pleased with it so far.

But for kicks, right now, have exported my public feed to the sidebar. I think twitter and trunkly are better for this, but what the heck.

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