google plus has suspended my account

Without even telling me, actually. I noticed that the submit button wasn’t working, and switched around browsers, thinking it might be some kind of overloaded javascript bug. But once I looked at my profile, it said that I was suspended. “For violating community standards.”

For fuck’s sake, I only tried to put in a reference to my nom de plume here (ie, BEG65). I couldn’t add the numbers without having a warning about account suspension pop up.

I put down <first name> AKA BROWNEYEDGIRL <last name> That AKA should be absolutely CLEAR what I’m doing. (Yes, I put “browneyedgirl65” down in the nickname of my google profile. Guess what? That doesn’t show up anywhere except in the profile itself. You know, if I can make my gender private, why can’t I make my name private and have it use the nickname I supply? Really?

Then their “form” to ask for a review of the name doesn’t even let me EXPLAIN anything. I can upload a fucking picture. I can provide a link to an article (from a reputable site) about me. That’s really about it. I’ve played around with their authorship shit, but I think it’s not completing the author connection because my profile is suspended.

I really don’t know if I want to try to get it unsuspended. It would really fucking suck to lose my gmail account over this in addition. And for those of you saying it doesn’t? When I click “profile” FROM MY GMAIL account, it goes to the G+ profile. Yeah, that makes me nervous.

And yeah, makes me feel completely censored in what I say with respect to this. I was already being pretty quiet on G+ — fat lot of good that did me.

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One Response to google plus has suspended my account

  1. Dan Lyke says:

    Seems to me like Google+ is largely a solution in search of a problem. The interesting people there seem to all be using aliases on borrowed time, and the hassle over names and other potential content restrictions is driving them back to their own blogs or to Tumblr.

    I’m reluctantly participating, mostly because there are one or two colleagues from long ago who’ve followed me and I’d like to stay in touch with them, but for the most part I’m happy to stay with my other self-publishing mechanisms.