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Well, well, well well. What do we have here? U.S. corporations press Republicans for debt deal

Wall Street, big corporations and business groups are mounting an increasingly frantic lobbying campaign to persuade Republicans to raise the debt limit as fears of a national default grow.

Well, isn’t that interesting? I want to pull in another article I read not too long ago: The Unseen Influence of the Religious Right

Corporate interests have had great influence in American politics for over a century, since even before the days of “trust busting” during the so-called Progressive Era in the early twentieth century. The power struggle between big business and ordinary people has been ongoing since that time, and frankly big business has been the winner in those battles more often than not.


With the rise of the Religious Right, however, that all changed. Starting in the election of 1980 and continuing steadily since then, corporate interests have greatly increased their political power by pandering to politically motivated religious voters who care about nothing more than social issues such as abortion, gay rights, and other so-called “culture war” issues. Whereas corporate interests were once held in check by an electorate that considered the economic interests of real people a high priority, a large section of that electorate has now indicated that social issues will almost always trump everything else. Hence, corporate interests, which generally are indifferent to social issues, have discovered that they can be assured a large base of voters by simply pandering to these social conservatives, throwing red meat to them on issues of abortion, God in government, LGBT rights, etc.

I have this feeling that the batshit crazy politicians that have been propped up and monied up by corporate interests, and the corporate interests are each suddenly having that Come To Jesus moment in which each realizes the other isn’t quite what they went to bed with. The corporates are actually realizing just how crazed the fringe lunatics are; the fringe lunatics are actually realizing that they may not have the universal conservative support they thought they had.

This could be extremely interesting (provided we don’t actually default in which case we will all be extraordinarily unhappy, in a world of hurt and so on and so forth — including those same crazy shits who put us right square in the crosshairs here). Because I see this as a possible fracture, for the first time, in that unholy combination of religious zealotry and corporate money.

Back to the first article. Even the much-reviled Chamber of Commerce is getting worried:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the country’s biggest business lobby, helped spearhead a massive lobbying campaign that started at the beginning of the year. The Chamber and a broad coalition of business and trade groups already sent lawmakers a letter in April warning of dire consequences if America’s borrowing limit was not increased.

However, the lunatic fringe really is completely crazy:

But for all their efforts, the majority of Republicans in the House remain unconvinced.

“My view has not changed very much,” said Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo. “I am even more convinced that we can’t raise the debt ceiling without changes in our spending pattern,” Pompeo said after speaking to a major credit rating agency about the perils of not improving the nation’s fiscal condition.

We elected these people. Granted, they lied like rugs about “job creation” to get elected last November, but I think it’s pretty plain to see that actual job creation is the last thing on their tiny pinhead minds.

I’m watching Wisconsin going thru the process of recalling their crazy shits, and wondering if that might not spread out. Not just state by state (because I’m pretty sure Ohio is also very interested in recalls), but also vertically. Wouldn’t it be something to see half the Republican House suddenly finding itself under recall procedures (though I’m not sure the same processes are necessarily available at the federal level — would have to check that out)?

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  1. Laura says:

    The only recourse for ‘recall’ is impeachment. Or voting them out at the next election.