what we have lost

This alarms me:

From Our Dwindling Food Variety. By choking the available varieties down to these few, we are terribly subsceptible to crop failures, because now much of the crop is genetically identical across much of the country, if not the globe. Genetic varieties mean that some varieties may withstand disasters that hit other varieties planted elsewhere — it’s a basic safeguard, which we’ve allowed to disappear over the last century.

The more of us who can plant heirlooms and save seeds for the next crop, the better off we’ll be. (Just say no to Monsanto, which routinely sells seeds rigged to to be one generation only, to make farmers dependent on seed companies for next years’ crops and therefore never able to get out from under debt and dependence. As can be seen, the consequences are on all of us, not “just” the farmers.)

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