A Kids Reaction To Gay Couple

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Transcript: see below]

Aw! Transcript courtesy of Laura (thanks!)

Little Boy (LB): A husband’s a boy.

Adult #1 (A1): Right.

LB: A wife is a girl and a husband’s a boy. Then, you two are HUSBANDS! Wifes [sic] are girls, husbands are boys.

A1: Right.

Adult #2 (A2): Yeah, we’re both husbands.

LB: You’re both husbands. You MARRIED each other? THAT’S funny.

A1: Funny, right?

LB: (softly) Yeah…..I usually see husbands and wifes. But this is the very FIRST time I saw husband and husbands? [A1 comes into view and laughs.] So funny. So….that means you LOVE each other!

A1: Yeah.

LB: Yeah. Yeah. You’re much alike, you’re much alike….Hey, I’m going to go play ping pong now.

A1: OK.

LB: [as he’s leaving] You can play if you want to.

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