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Republican FEC Commissioners Stopped Probe Of Christine O’Donnell. I’m shocked. Shocked. First, let us cast ourselves as victims:

Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told supporters in an email earlier this month that the Federal Election Commission “dismissed the politically motivated complaint against me that was filed by my opponents last summer.”

Aw, a good ol’ tug on the heartstrings there, eh? Not so fast:

But it turns out that half of the commission thought that there was reason to believe that O’Donnell had indeed broken the law and wanted to open a full investigation. The three Republican commissioners didn’t want to probe the issue any further, and since the commission was deadlocked, they dismissed the complaint.

The Republican members’ decision went against the recommendations of the general counsel for the FEC, who found there was reason to believe that O’Donnell accepted excessive in-kind contributions in the form of coordinated expenditures from

I am shocked. Shocked. (I’m starting to think I don’t sound very convincing, though…)

The evidence cited in the rest of the article is more than enough to justify continuing and finishing the probe. I mean, hey, she might be innocent, she might not be. That’s the point of such an investigation, to set these questions to rest.

The Republicans really do protect their own, don’t they? From Vitter to O’Donnell, the list is endless.

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