Proposition 8: Courtroom Antics

This is why the haters over at the pro-Prop-8 crowd wanted to keep the court records sealed:

Check out the transcripts at American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) for the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial that dealt with California’s Proposition 8. Judge Walker did an excellent job, as did the lawyers for the plaintiffs, and there are several instances of the courtroom laughing out-loud at the clownish defense mounted by the bigots. There are some truly delicious moments: Transcripts.

The transcripts have been produced in their entirety as reenactments: (uncaptioned videos). It was originally going to be televised, but the cowardly bigots blocked it, hence the production of these clips.

Everyone should sign the letter calling for the release of the original video documentation of the trial at AFER. Little clips of their ass-hattery on the nightly news would have swung public opinion by a significant percentage…and still could!

h/t Slogger Ophian

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