we need something a bit more; they need something a bit less…

[Audio: English + music; Captions: auto-mediocre; Subtitled: most of it]

The autocaptioning is a bit wonky on this one, but so much of this is effectively subtitled (e.g., people are saying what their signs say; during voice overs the graphs and text convey most if not all the meaning).

The Coffee Party (the obvious response, of course, to the Tea Party) is something to keep an eye on.

Relatedly, check this article out The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide. The disturbing truth: Democrats are working just as hard to undermine and eliminate unions and workers rights as the Republicans are. They’re just being sneakier about it — and enlisting the complicit help of many unions who fear breaking down the historic relationship between them and Democrats (never mind that it is already effectively broken). Money quote:

If, instead, labor unions demand that state budget deficits be fixed by taxing the rich and corporations, workers would respond enthusiastically. If public-sector unions built demands based on no cuts, no concessions, workers would energetically join the union’s cause. If unions banded together to demand the creation of a national jobs campaign by taxing the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans, a flood of energy would erupt from working people in general. If, during election time, unions joined together to run their own independent candidates with these demands, an unstoppable movement would quickly emerge.

Points to the need for grassroots, party independent movements to smash plutocracies & corporatocracies. The Coffee Party? Or something similar. We need something to prod the Democrat party the same way the Republican party is being prodded by the Tea Party. Otherwise the hyperrich and the corporatocracies are going to swallow us all up if we aren’t making more than $600K/year regardless of whether we are liberal, conservative, religious, atheist, gay, straight, single, married — anything.

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