late night humor: bacon and hobbes

OMG — ADORABLE! They did another strip, too — hie yourself over to Pants Are Overrated and poke around. Best new comic blog I’ve happened across in a while 🙂

Click on the comic for the full/original version. I love it! He also explains the choice of the name “Bacon”:

Calvin’s daughter, Bacon meets Hobbes for the first time. Calvin and Hobbes is basically the best thing ever, it’s one of my most prominent influences. So, after seeing some of the fan art that was out there of what Calvin would be like when he was an adult, I thought that it would be cool to flesh it out more. So, this is me trying to be as faithful to the source material as I could – of course, I’m no Watterson, but I think I did ok. As for why someone would name their daughter Bacon? Well, my niece acquired the nickname Bacon over the years, and Francis Bacon was another old philosopher along with Calvin and Hobbes, so it seemed like a good name – plus, if anyone would name his daughter Bacon, it would be Calvin.

Aw! Go on! Go over & take a look 🙂

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