Michael Jackson Flash Mob, Paris – July 26, 2009

[Audio: English; Captions: none; Annotations: English]

I thought this was pretty interesting even though not captioned — there’s enough annotations added to give an idea of what is going on though unfortunately I’m not sure of what’s said in the interviews. This shows some of the behind the scenes prepping for a flashmob (aha! that’s how it’s done, or at least sometimes! 🙂 )

From the uploader:

A look at the “Beat It” flash mob that took place in memory of Michael Jackson on July 26, 2009 in Paris, France. Approximately 200 non-professional volunteers spent two hours on a Sunday morning learning the dance steps, then visiting three consecutive locations across Paris, and at the designated time the unsuspecting public would hear Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” begin from nowhere, and one man would start dancing, soon to be followed by a few hundred more members of the crowd. When the dance finishes, the dancers quickly meld back into the crowd.

The locations were Beaubourg (the Pompidou Center), Montorgueil (a neighborhood and street just north of Les Halles), and Trocadero (the beautiful patio overlooking the Eiffel Tower).

Included are videos of the rehearsal that morning, the full three flash mobs (about a minute and a half each), and then interviews with three of the six organizers.

The entire event was put together in only a few days. It was inspired by this recent event in Stockholm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je1KOcBYGjM

The official video from the event is now up, you can watch that here:

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