[Audio: English; Captions: English; Languages: English, ASL]

I WANT TO SEE ONE OF THESE PRODUCTIONS! I love this concept! Terptheatre calls what they do “Shadowing” — instead of an interpreter off to the side, pulling attention away from the theater cast, each actor is paired with an interpreter who stays with them on stage, signing as they speak. It sounds like such a gorgeous and elegant solution to this issue…

You can find more about them here.

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One Response to terptheatre

  1. Jesse the K says:

    That’s wacky! I’ve seen shadowing once where the terps were all in grey, and it actually looked like the actor’s shadows were signing. Certainly looks easier on the eyes than checking out the terp on corner and then swiveling to center stage for some action and then back to corner-terp.

    But when I saw the title of this post I though, “Oh no! B.E.G. had some terrible interaction with an interpreter today….”