morning walks

morning walk series
photo by natorey@flickr

Love the clouds here.

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2 Responses to morning walks

  1. Monica says:

    I read your comments on Slog regularly, but I’m not registered (laziness mostly) and I figured it probably wasn’t the place to bring this up anyway.

    I don’t know if you watch the show Bones, but last night they had an episode centered around a deaf teenager who was a suspect in a murder. Pretty good episode, except that when I went on to check out the actress’s background, she’s hearing. (Though she played Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker once. That counts, right?)

    So, question – does this bug you as much as it does me? Was there not one single deaf teenage actress available in Hollywood the week they shot the episode? Do deaf people watch hearing actors playing deaf and laugh their asses off (or want to kick a hole in a wall) because they’re supposed to watch some random hearing person signing and think ASL is their first language?

    I’m as hearing as you get, but I went through a reading-about-deaf-culture kick when I was around 19. So maybe I’m the 1 in a million hearing person who would see this as a problem. Maybe a lot of deaf people wouldn’t see this as a problem. But damn it, it drove me crazy.

    • BEG says:

      Yes, it bugs a lot of us deaf folks to have hearing ppl play deaf people. (Not to mention most of the times they get the details wrong — such as the deaf character being an amazingly fantastic lip reader *rolls eyes*. Hollywood doesn’t usually have much signing showing (the best example of a non signing actor learning sign for his role was the (hearing) character in Children of A Lesser God). I haven’t seen that particular episode, so I dn’t know how realistic it was.

      Sorry for not responding sooner! Normally I get email notifications of comments but I haven’t been, I have to check and see why that is…