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Go read the whole thing: “USA! USA!” is the wrong response by David Sirota

This is bin Laden’s lamentable victory: He has changed America’s psyche from one that saw violence as a regrettable-if-sometimes-necessary act into one that finds orgasmic euphoria in news of bloodshed.

Actually, I’ve since had some interesting conversations about Sirota’s article with some of the under-30 crowd — and it’s really very clear that we have failed them in the last 10 years and we shouldn’t be surprised at the reaction particularly from this age group. That point is also made here: Why 60 Percent of Young People Support Torture.

Pretty much how one should approach reading any breaking story. If you keep your eyes open, there’s almost always contradictions & retractions swirling around for the first day or two. (Unfortunately the first narrative is almost always the one that people remember.) How To Read the Bin Laden Coverage.

Meanwhile the Internet still remains under attack, by the proposed AT&T and T-Mobile merger: AT&T Invites You Down the Rabbit Hole. One thing that my history classes consistently covered was the breaking up of the giant monopolies at the end of the 19th century, particulary the “railroad barons”. Have we come so far in 100 years that we are turning right around and embracing the modern day Internet barons? Meh.

Spotted this: WikiLeaks and the Future of Whistle-blowing

Mark Stephens, the British attorney for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is traveling to the United States this week for a debate hosted by Index on Censorship and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism on the impact of the whistle-blowing site for journalism, national security and government secrecy. The event, set for Wednesday night in New York, is open to the public. (The Idea Lobby’s Emily Badger is also the U.S. editor for Index.)

This sounds very interesting; I’m hopeful that captioned video or transcripts will be available after the debate.

No wonder the hyperrich at the top think everything is A-OK: Huge Oil Company Profits Roll In: Up 42% From Last Year. Way past time to make these companies actually pay their taxes instead of dodging ’em all.

I Agree: “Darn It, Let’s Raise Taxes” One interesting thing about higher MTRs is that it seems to encourage capitalization, or reinvestment in the company itself as a way to at least defer taxes. That in turn puts the money back in the company, retains its employees, makes it more likely to expand, keeps it current in technology and so on and so forth. As it is right now that sort of money is divested back into shareholders, the companies shrunk down, and much of the stuff outsourced to other countries where slave-level wages & conditions get the jobs done more cheaply since the offshore labor has no way of moving around to where the good jobs are.

Corporatocracy at work: How Wal-Mart Could Easily Pull Thousands of Its Employees Out of Poverty. Think there’s any chance we could turn WalMart around?

Way past the time to blame the planners: The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries. The consequences to our educational system is simply staggering. And remember, the hyperrich want it that way — it’s to their advantage to have their kids educated (they can afford whatever they want) and no one elses’…

Sometimes these nutcases are perfectly open about what they want and don’t want: Big Government Exposes Sinister Plot To Encourage Critical Thinking In The Classroom.

The budget wars across the different states are nothing short of astonishing: Democracy on Hold in Benton Harbor. The right & the wealthy are at all out war against the rest of us, and they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

As far as that goes, I don’t care what the percents are or what the admin claims, inflation is back. Food prices and such are UP. Sticker Shock. And no, you can’t eat an iPad…

2 hearing-impaired patrons stabbed at bar. Because they were signing, and some dumb shits thought they were throwing gang signs. That’s beyond infuriating. I hope these morons get the book thrown at them.

This was the kind of thing that changed my mind about legalizing gay marriage (I’d actually prefer to eliminate marriage altogether, but that might be even more radical than gay marriage). Marriage is way more than the social construct that most heterosexuals experience it to be — because no thought is given to all the legalities that come without even trying once marriage is in place. Planned only 1.

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  1. kethry says:

    straight away I felt very uneasy about Bin Laden’s death, that morning, to the point where I sat down and blogged it immediately. I thought for a while I was the only one feeling that way, but later, BP copied Sirota’s link to me and I was so glad to read it.. and to read Guiliani’s words in the paper this morning saying similar things.

    btw.. you did know about BADD on May 1st, yes?