The Smurfette Principle

[Audio: English; Captions: English, French, German, Spanish; Transcript: available]

I’ll have to look through their other productions!

[ETA} There are captions plus a transcript here. As usual, you may have to click through to YouTube to get the captioning as embedding seems to be hit and miss in providing that.

The Smurfette Principle states that the tendency is for works of fiction to have exactly one female amongst an ensemble of male characters, in spite of the fact that roughly half of the human race is female.

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2 Responses to The Smurfette Principle

  1. Anita S says:

    Thanks for posting my video, there are in fact English captions on this video as well as a few other languages.

    • BEG says:

      So there are… that’s odd, because I could swear there weren’t when I last looked at this (being deaf, I include caption/transcript info not because I’m being a polite ally but because I damn well need it myself). I did slot this in a week or two ago, were the captions added in later? I could also swear that the upload comment originally asked for help in captioning (same place it provided a transcript, which I picked up and was the reason I included this) which it doesn’t now.

      In any case, yes this is now captioned (NOT auto-) in English, French, German and Spanish. I’m updating the post to reflect that. Thanks!