late night humor: what a selection!

No really. It wasn’t enough. You know nothing will be, because in the end the real issue is that people are still hyperventilating over the fact that OMGWTFBBQ we have a black man as a president! Orly Taitz: Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate Should Say ‘Negro’ Not ‘African’

And, honest to god, Trump is being a dick: Donald Trump: Obama Wasn’t Qualified For Ivy League. Either fucking run for presidency — and outline ideas, proposed policies, that kind of thing — or get off the fucking stump and back to business schmoozing or whatever.

Gotta love Berkowitz. He’s pwned me once or twice (not this time): Obama Reveals Unsuccessful Run for President of Kenya

The real problem may just be stupid people. Honestly, these numbers are probably about the same for Obama! A seriously written article that just batters the ol’ irony meter — is there any better kind? Poll Finds Most Americans Uncertain of Trump’s Birthplace.

This about sums it all up: The Day a Race-Baiting TV Clown Hijacked the White House. The really hilarious part of all this? Pay no attention to the GOP-backed destruction of Medicare. Pay no attention to the Administration’s ongoing failures with privacy, whistleblowing, and torture/rendition/”military” trials… Yep a laugh a minute, this country!

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