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A lot of buzz this morning about proposed changes to applications for passports. For starters, it’s beginning to look like it will be easier to get a security clearance than a passport if these changes go through. State Dept. proposes “Biographical Questionnaire” for passport applicants. I mean, WTF?

There’s been a bit of flurry of activity on Bradley Manning. Firstly, he got moved from Quantico to Leavenworth 2011-04-20 Will Pentagon’s Transfer to Ft. Leavenworth Further Isolate Bradley Manning?. Then folks managed to directly deliver their protest to Obama: Protest over accused WikiLeaker disrupts Obama fund-raiser. Then, in a stunning display of bad judgement (this guy is a LAWYER), Obama declares Manning guilty without even a trial: Obama declares Bradley Manning guilty. I most sincerely hope that Coombs can use this to further argue that any pretense at being able to give Manning a fair trial has been irretrievably torpedoed. Glenn Greenwald, by the way, points out the irony of Manning’s relocation being… anonymously leaked …

“Applegate” — the fact that iPhone tracks & stores your geolocation without your knowledge or setup — is actually not limited to the iPhone, Android phones are also doing this: iOS Tracking Saga: Android Stores User Location Information Too. Now, it may not be any more ominous than this guy claims: 3 Major Issues with the Latest iPhone Tracking “Discovery”, but it’s clear that others are making use of it: How police have obtained iPhone, iPad tracking logs & Michigan Police Search Drivers’ Cell Phones During Traffic Stops, and my favorite Senator is asking pointed questions: Senator questions Apple over iPhone tracking. Now then, all that said, my questions are as follows. I can see to some extent the need for an internal location database on cellphones. What I don’t see is the need to keep a history? I can’t see anythign more than the need for current location — what are you using historical locations for? Secondly, GIVE US AN APP THAT LETS US REVIEW, EDIT AND DELETE THIS INFO. It’s our phone. Finally, if smartphones are storing this data locally, are cellphone towers and such collecting info each time a cellphone makes a connection with them? Given recent court decisions regarding cell phone data (Michigan can simply seize the info if they stop you; California can simply seize the info if they arrest you), these are very pointed questions to bring up.

Very interesting analysis of current media coverage on potential/actual Republican presidential campaigners. Media’s Spotlight Shines Less Brightly on Palin. I admit I am still somewhat in shock that Trump appears to be a serious candidate for the moment.

I, just… You know what? I think it’s reasonable to ask that this guy does his public shit unarmed, at least. I certainly don’t want to be anywhere near him if he’s this kind of accident prone. Jeebus. Quran-Burning Pastor’s Gun Accidentally Goes Off In Michigan.

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