late night humor: debt ceiling, yea or nay?

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel, recounting Boehner’s private conversations with executives, told the Journal: “Boehner has said exactly the same thing privately that he says publicly: the American people will not tolerate an increase in the debt limit without addressing the reasons it needs to be raised by cutting spending.”

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday there is “bipartisan opposition” in the chamber to increasing the nation’s debt ceiling unless Congress also takes “significant” steps to reduce the federal debt.

Okay. Sure. But then, why this:

(via MoveOn) I want to note that the deficit (the debt) ballooned enormously those years. So they certainly weren’t tying the debt limit raises to anything back then during the Bush years.

So, you know, pardon me for laughing at both Boehner and McConnell for their current near hysteria over the debt limit. What a convenient “issue” for them to suddenly develop.

You know, the Republicans at least used to be a bit sneakier about trying to destroy this country. Is it that they think the end is so near in sight that they can’t help themselves at this point? Watching the collective crazy is just… amazing.

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