late night humor: on the founding fathers

Given that the teabaggers so violently espouse how perfect the U.S. used to be, how much they cry for a return to the “original” constitution, how they constantly venerate the Founding Fathers…I really wish they’d actually sit down and learn their history:

Jef­ferson kept push­ing for a law, writt­en into the Con­stitu­tion as an amend­ment, which would pre­vent com­pan­ies from grow­ing so large that they could dominate en­tire in­dust­ries or have the power to in­flu­ence the peo­ple’s govern­ment.

How’s that for “intent”, you constitutionalists? And stop already with the entitlements to the corporatocracy. (What do you think every tax cut is? It’s welfare for corporations and the greedy rich that own them, that’s what it is.) And quit whining about regulation… how else do you keep corporatocracies from destroying everything (people, livelihoods, economies, ecologies) in their path?

Of course, I can never say “teabagger” without snickering. So I’m twelve… sue me.

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