tree in the forest

[Audio: voiceover, music; Captions: yes; Languages: English]

I am in the end undecided about this clip… there are elements of this that I like, some that I relate to, and others that I disagree with or dislike, and some that I just find improbable. But ultimately, the journey to self acceptance is extremely important regardless of the route it takes (and it won’t always be a PC journey 🙂 ).

I have looked around but can find relatively little about the producer of the film or why or how it was made. This is about it: BIO. I don’t know if Steve Anthopoulos is deaf (doubtful) or knows people who are, or what. The film strikes me as a very hearing oriented way of exploring this issue (and is one that many oral deaf go through) in particular the way it undermines her bids for independence. Its “truth” lies in a world of hearing only people (which is exactly how hearing people see the world) and no other deaf people. Which isn’t actually the reality. And that’s where this film falls short.

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