late night humor: dems (finally) punk reps!

Pandemonium! Dems Jam Republicans With Even More Conservative Budget

What was supposed to be a routine vote in the House — to knock down an amendment authored by conservative Republicans — turned into pandemonium on the House floor Friday, as Democrats tried to jam the plan through, and hang it around the GOP’s necks.

See, this amendment was so batshit crazy that the Republicans didn’t intend for it to pass. But when Democrats started voting “present” instead of “no,” it came down to being passable (or not) solely by Republicans. Those Republicans voting yes were using it to score points with voters at home: “Honey, I tried to vote these through, but those darned Democrats…” So the Republicans suddenly had to scramble to veto their own bill — which would have supplanted Ryan’s bill — instead.

So, you know. Careful what you ask for. You might get it.

(Hey, these fun and games are all well and good and provide fodder for me & my blog, but could you Republicans possibly get your collective heads out of the sand and start focusing on creating jobs? As opposed to, you know, destroying them? Which all your proposed bills do? If we’re all huddled in the poorhouses surrounded by ravaged wastelands, who are you greedy rich going to lord it over and extract even more money from?)

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