Pharma doesn’t want to cure you

[Audio: English; Captions: auto-decent]

Click through to get the autocaption, if it doesn’t show up in this embed. I thought this was pretty interesting, and it makes a lot of sense what she points out. Not only that, this is really true for analyzing/looking at a lot of things. Cherchez l’argent, these days. The same principle applies to the behavior of (for profit) insurance companies. Even just delaying the approval of procedures earns them money, never mind outright denial of coverage.

The more despicable the behavior of a corporation, when you look at the profit line, the more sense it suddenly makes. So you get companies that pay no taxes, pay their CEO billions, delay or deny health procedures, push unnecessary drugs, patent drugs and charge exorbitant amounts for them (esp when previously relatively cheap), the list is simply endless.

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