Global Protests & Uprisings Maps Time-Lapse

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I feel much better about not having been able to keep up with the last few months of protests! Note that this is up to March 7, so the recent unrest in Syria and Libya isn’t reflected. Also, apparently this wave of protests started in Iceland, but that was prior to December 18th and is also not on the video. Still the overall effect is stunning, especially once Egypt’s #jan25 pops up.

The uploader, swamppost@youtube, comments:

December 18 to March 7, 2011, this little video is a time-lapse series of maps marking major uprisings and protests around the world during that period. The maps are on my blog and this was a by-product.

Obviously, not every protest in the world is represented here, but it is arguably to scale. Mostly, it looks like a virus and that’s cool.

The piano snippet is from a song called The Waltz, composed and performed by a Venice Beach artist named Jourdan Stephens.

The colors are Red: resulting in death, Orange: major injuries, damage, arrests, Yellow: minor injuries, etc. Green: Peaceful…the number of pickets is the size, 1: Under 100, 2: 100-1000 3: 1000-10000 4. 10K – 100K, 5. Over 100K. 

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