random instances of #audism #deaf

You know, they pop up everywhere. It doesn’t matter how enlightened you think people are, or whatever. I just tried to view a video on “Disability Art” since that sounded interesting. Only it wasn’t captioned. So I mentioned that to the producer of this video clip… and here’s the exchange:

Hm. A video clip on disability art that isn’t captioned for the *ahem* deaf?

lots in fact. i am told Deafness is not a disability issue by Deaf people.

Um, wow. Look, I’m deaf, and while I don’t personally regard this as a disability issue, I am *extremely* interested in accessibility issues which are generally lumped into “disability issues” anyway– and whether or not I regard being deaf as a disability, I still need captions if I’m to understand videos about any topic that I’m interested in. And *usually* people who work with disability issues of any type are sensitive to that.

But with your attitude, I don’t think I’m interested in your work with disability art anyway.


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2 Responses to random instances of #audism #deaf

  1. Jesse the K says:

    Wow that stinks.

    The Deaf-not-disabled and Blind-not-disabled subgroups create continuous problems. People who don’t care about access seize on these attitudes as proof that they don’t need to provide accommodations.

    We’re not alone, though: there are many folks who will point to “My one Jewish friend” or “my Black co-worker” as permission to be totally anti-Semitic or racist.

    • BEG says:

      His reply to that got even better *rolls eyes*. If I have a chance, I’ll post a follow up to this.

      I’m actually sympathetic to the “deaf-not-disabled” viewpoint, and I should post on that at greater length sometime, but you’re absolutely right about how some people seize on that as an excuse.

      I shouldn’t find instances of disabled discriminating against disabled so surprising (after all, I’ve seen deaf people exhibit some pretty appalling attitudes toward eg wheelchair users & blind people, you can see ethnic minorities discriminate against each other, etc) but it is depressing.